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Turks Originated from Trojans: Some Sayings from Historians

Tisza Area Fredegaire Vincent de Beauvais Latin Andrea Dandolo Sebastien Mamerot James Harper Jean Pouchet Fatih Sultan Mehmet 1453 Movie Conqueror of Istanbul Mustafa Kemal Atatürk the Founder of Turkish Republic Haluk Şahin
"When Trojans had come to Europe, they separated into two ways.

One of them was Francions, the predecessors of Franks and the other one was Turcoths, the predecessors of Turks. Franks had gone to Rhône area while others had stayed in Tisza area.

The others did choose a king for themselves and named him as 'Turcoth', which later formed the name, the “Turks”, recent forms of nation known as recent Turkish countries..” Frédégaire - French

"After Troy has fallen, Trojan armies were separated by two groups.

One group had followed King Priamos's grandchild Francon from Hector, other group had followed King Priamos's grandchild Turkus from Troilus. Therefore there are two nations, originated from Trojans, their names have been known as "Franks" and "Turks" by the world currently." Vincent de Beauvais, writer of Speculum Maius (known with the encyclopedia of the Middle Age)

"Turks' homelands are behind of the Caucasian Mountains. Their roots were originated from the son of Trojan King Priamos, Turkos the son of Troilos. Turkos and his people migrated from this area after Troy city has fallen." Andrea Dandolo, the Italian Admiral

"Therefore the heroes of those lands, Turkish men and women come from Hektor's blood, who was very brave and strong." Sébastien Mamerot - French translator who did translate the Roman History

"All Turks were known as Trojans during the middle ages of Europe. However, when the Turks became a threat for Catholic world, all they had tried to change this idea" James Harper - An American publisher and politician

"Turks came back from deepness of Asia to take Troy's vengeance from the Greeks" Jean Pouchet - French

"I have taken the vengeance of “Trojan War”! But I can’t understand why Italians are enemy to us by saving the Greeks against us despite the same roots we are based." II. Mehmet - Conqueror of Istanbul

"We took the vengeance of Troy, again from the Greeks at Dumlupınar" Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – The Founder of Turkish Republic

"Turci in Latin and Turchi in Italian, both, come from Teurci, which was formerly used to indicate the name the “Trojans” by Latin poem writer Vergilius. In Scandinavian languages, "Tyrkir" has two meanings: one of them is Turkish, the other is Trojan" Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin - Turkish Reporter, Writer, Lecturer in University.

“Trojans were the origin of Luvis who became later the roots of Hittites. Everybody knows they came from behind the Caucasian mountains. However, nobody knows where they went after their empire has fallen as nobody knows where the Trojans went..."

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