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Donkey, the Highway Engineer

Although we humans call some stupid people as donkey, beautiful shaped eye having donkeys are smarter then humans at some subjects.

Donkeys are professional highway engineers because they always move out to ramps with 0,07 degree angle and they always use the shortest curve in the switchbacks of their way. Also, they will never forget the road that they have passed before. Therefore in the ancient times donkey which had passed that route before were used as a guide to camels and mules caravans.

There is a funny anecdote about this information from Anatolia:

In 1950s American engineers came to Turkey to guide for development and construction of public facilities. As there weren't equipment and qualified people in Turkey at that years, Turkish engineers were using donkeys to define the route of the public road. The procedure was like this: Engineers were forcing the donkey to move out the ramp and then the workers were marking the footstep of the donkey. Then the road was constructed in the route that the donkey had passed through.

When the American engineers first saw this event, they couldn't understand what was going on and they asked;

- What are they doing?

- Donkeys never exceed 0,07 degree angle in a ramp so we define the route of the road by this way.

American engineers started to laugh convulsively about this funny moment then he asked;

- What do you do if the donkey can't find the route?

Turkish engineers got upset so replied:

- Then we call American engineers.

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