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The Hospitable Mersin

A modern Mediterranean Turkish city, Mersin is being informed in this video, giving insight about the Mediterranean Games, together with the power of the city involving:
  • of its urban value (Turkey's 8th largest city with 1.7 million population living there having the most economical productive sea port of Turkey, also with agriculture and industry), 
  • of its young population with 50% of population under the age of 24, of its deep history with heritage of many civilizations from the Hittites to Hellenistic Ages, later with Seljuks and Ottomans, 
  • of hospitality, that have been hosting to Christians, Muslims and Jews side by side (which Europe can't do in current times), 
  • of its nature with the turquoise of the Mediterranean and the gradient of green in its environment also with the orange of all types of citrus fruits that have been growing in the fertile lands of Mersin, 
  • of its arts based on the international performances and on local Turkish cultures, of the peace, that you haven't ever seen in your life, can easily be seen from the locals of Mersin, and 
  • of its sportive structure with full of its young population and with its history (the Turkey's first Olympic Golden Medal has been awarded to Ahmet Kireççi (who was borned and raised in Mersin) in the field of oil wrestling).
For more about Mersin Info: Mersin Tourism

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