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Top Ten Places for Honeymoon in Turkey

If you want to have unique and amazing place to enjoy your honeymoon, these places in Turkey are the best to have the peace while living the love with your heart-body.

Oylat Hot Spring

You can both enjoy the stunning gradient of green and the lively locals, still carrying the historical Turkish hospitality in this silent travel location.

Oylat Hot Spring (Kaplıca), İnegöl, Bursa, Turkey


If you are sportive couples want to enjoy the taste of wind surfing with tough waves, Alaçatı is your place to have your pleasant times of your honeymoon in Turkey.

Alaçatı - Rüzgâr Sörfü (Wind Surfing)

Blue Lagoon in Turkey (Ölü Deniz)

Stunning nature and sea, that you haven't seen yet.. In the blue lagoon you can enjoy the most beautiful beach in the world while possibility to see the Butterfly Valley and to enjoy the paragliding from its mountain.

Fethiye Blue Lagoon

Islands of İstanbul

Variety of close-by islands that you can enjoy the peaceful environment where even traffic is not allowed. Several forms of nature is just near, while you can enjoy the tasteful Turkish food culture mostly based on sea foods.

Islands of İstanbul

LongLake (Uzun Göl)

A lake with its long beauty, hided within mountains.. Uzun göl presents you vast variety of beauty of gradient of green with several cuteness of differing colors of flowers and of the environment of a small town with hospitality of Turkish culture..

Uzungöl (Trabzon)

Cotton Castle (Pamukkale)

A place to see the extraordinarily amazing form of nature and to live the history of Turkey.. A place like heaven formed of the colors of cotton.

Cotton Castle (Pamukkale)

Holy Fishes in Şanlı Urfa

The place where Prophet Abraham (Hz. İbrahim) was born.. The holy fishes are believed to be the other forms of the burning coals when the Prophet Abraham was sent to fire. A different culture beside the pop culture with peaceful locals, can be called as "friendship" more than a friend that you have ever seen, and the architecture of the history, still alive.

Balıklı Göl

Dripstone Cave (Damlataş Mağarası)

A land with full of different caves that shall be visited once in life.. Alanya is the most attracting touristic city with several forms of night life and attraction of different nations. In addition, the Dripstone Cave has some health benefits, diminish the effects of asthma. You can enjoy the dark blue presented by the sea and the warm weather as well as the historical sights.

Damlataş Mağarası

Historical Sights of Gallipoli (Gelibolu)

A place where history was formed in the ancient times and also near past.. The place where the Trojan Horse came true in the city with its name Troya and where the Independence War of Turkish nation was successfully given to Greeks and British.. The locals have the food culture mostly based on sea foods, that you can enjoy the organic taste a lot!
Trojan Horse, Gelibolu

Zeugma, the Mosaic City

A city which has several forms of mosaic art tiles, that you can live the history.. The town Nizip of the city Gazi Antep has vast variety of ruins from Roman Empire.

Zeugma, Mosaic City in Gaziantep

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