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Armenian Roulette

So-Called Armenian Genocide misleading politicians liar politicians historical facts obvious evidence giving birth to baby close to giving birth Russian AK-47 bayonet bloody soccer pitch and toss massacre of Azerbaijan Turks genocide of Ottoman Turks show no mercy war crime crime against humanity
Two Armenians, standing next to a Turkish woman whose hands were tied behind a tree, were tossing up for pitch and toss (pitching pennies).. Their ancestors played this bloody gambling 100 years ago at Kars, Ağrı, Van, Erzurum and other cities of Turkey and recently these Armenians performed their bloody-gambling with what they have been taught at Khojaly, Azerbaijan. 

The Azerbaijan Turkish woman, her hands being tied behind a tree, was pregnant as close to giving birth; therefore she was the proper object for the Armenians’ gambling entitled as “Armenian Roulette”, bloody version of pitch and toss. While one of the Armenians was taking off the bayonet from his Russian AK-47 model semi-automatic rifle, the other tossed his penny and asked his mate: 

- “Akçik, manç?..” meaning “Girl or Boy?” in Armenian (աղջիկ, տղա). 

The other replied: 

- Akçik... 

The one who bet on “boy” suddenly rip the woman’s belly up by his bayonet and the un-born baby was loosen out of the slash of its mother’s belly. While the baby was struggling, its novel cord still being attached to its mom, the Armenians were checking the gender of the baby from its genital organ. 

- You won, comrade. 

- I won but how can this baby be fed? 

- Of course, its mom will feed it. 

Upon this, the short Armenian thrust at the baby with his bayonet and lift it up to show its mother who was still alive while meanwhile saying again and again “breastfeed the baby!”, “breastfeed the baby!”.. 

At the same time in another part of Khojaly, there was an exciting preparation for a soccer match in which the borders of the soccer goal determined with the chopped-heads of two Azerbaijani women. The Armenians were looking for a soccer ball and an Armenian came with a little kid with a bold head. The head of this Armenian gang rejoiced: 

- His head is bold and small; will be easy to play with. CUT OFF! 

The body fell down one side and the head to another side. With their bloody army boots they hit the little kid’s head as a soccer ball over and over again. 

The same atrocity was performed in various places at Khojaly in the 26th of February 1992, being witnessed in person by several Azerbaijani Turks that survived from this massacre of Armenians. 20 years from now a barbarous massacre, like the recurrence of the history, with the same atrocity being performed on Turkey’s Turks: shows an obvious evidence of the racist hate of Armenians to Turkish nation.

You can reach more about this crime against humanity from official website: Khojaly Massacre
Before being lied by politicians, learn the history & avoid supporting the murderers: Real facts of Armenian Genocide

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